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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Massage Parlor

Henry visited the local "Happy Ending" Massage Parlor for a massage. He was very happy to see his big breasted masseuse who was known for being a little erotic! She started his back massage and moved right to his ass. He did not expect what happened next! She pulled out a pink vibrator and slowly inserted it deep into his ass! He was very uncomfortable, but too way too shy to tell her to stop! After a few minutes of torture, she removed the vibrator and finished him off with a BJ & handjob!

Peeping Tom punished

Johnny has a great view through the crack in the door of Jamie as she undresses and does her make-up. What he didn't bank on was Laura walking up behind and catching him in the act.
Jamie is furious that he has been spying on her and the two girls decide to get their own back by forcing him to strip for them there and then.
Johnny doesn't want to but sees the anger in their eyes and quickly does as he is told. They then force him to wank his cock for them while Laura pushes her heels into his balls and Jamie slaps them.
After a while they decide they want to see him cum so they take it in turns to wank his cock, before Johnny finally unloads a cum load so huge it actually flies over his head - much to their amusement!

Punished and tied to the railings

Mike is a real male chauvinist pig - to him a woman's place is in the kitchen and her job is to wash, cook and clean for her man.
One day he goes too far with flatmates Kyla and Sarah and they decide to teach him a lesson by drugging him and tying him to the railings outside his bedroom.
Once the girls have him restrained, Kyla cuts off his boxer shorts with scissors and then slaps his cock with her hand until he wakes up. They then humiliate him and comment on how small his cock is while taking pictures and laughing. Finally they make him wank to orgasm for them and then leave him there, just as the female cleaner walks in!